Litecoin Cryptocurrency 3D Neon Sign

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Litecoin, a new form of currency that is build on a global digital distributed ledger called a blockchain. It is aim to change the currency we use currently worldwide and this will be another way where people can control their own money again. If you don’t have this Litecoin neon sign then get one now! Or you can visit more of our Cryptocurrency Neon SignĀ here!

Approximate Dimension: Please choose size

Colors: Blue

Construction: Please choose variants

Cord Length: 4 Feet

Condition: Brand New

Type: Indoor

Availability: Custom Made to Order – Ships in 5-7 Business Days

Additional information

Weight 0.002 lbs

12" x 12", 22" x 22", 32" x 32"

2 reviews for Litecoin Cryptocurrency 3D Neon Sign

  1. Jamie Sim

    Good. I love it.

    “Unfortunately I can’t pay this in ADA. But the sign is brilliant!!! Love it”

  2. Dave Webb

    Hope he likes it

    “Found these guys are making neon sign in the form cryptocurrency. Cool. Bought one of this for my buddy as his birthday gift.”

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