About Us

Neonstation was founded by Jan, an e-commerce expert who started promoting his personally crafted neon signs in various selling platforms. Today Neonstation has evolved to be one of the most trusted sources of classic and customised neon signs.


We are a small company with just Jan(the owner) handling everything from neon production to website all alone. Since we have insufficient resources, currently we are only reachable by email. But we will respond within 24 hour.

We are a company that has helped build and promote business image through our novelty neon signs. When it comes to establishing your name in business, nothing beats the work that neon sign does. This is one of the main reasons behind the success of Neonstation throughout the years – we cater to the prevailing needs of businesses and help them stay ahead in the competition throughout our creative works.

Specializing in 3D signs and business logos, Neonstation is a go-to shop for any business’ neon sign needs. Apart from our portfolio of designs, we also accept custom made neon sign, based on our customers’ demands and imagination.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to have your own customized neon sign for your business or man cave. Our creative experts will be happy to discuss specifications and pricing with you.