NeonPro & Hansen Power Converters

We only use the best neon power supply for all of our neon sign. Be it from 3D or classic neon sign we make, we only use NeonPro or Hansen.  For maximum performance of the neon tube and longer life span of the transformer, it will last for a long time if they are pair with the neon tubes correctly. 

cULus Listed – Rated 120V – For USA & Canada

CE Certified – Rated 220V-240V – For UK & European Countries

They are a few models of neon power supply for both cULus Listed and CE Certified. NeonPro design and manufacture their power supply and they have manufacturing plant both in USA and China. On the other side, Hansen is another illuminated sign industry based out in Haselund, Germany. 

NeonPro, sometimes also rebrand as HongBa which the parent company is Hyrite Lighting Co. has a long history in making power supply specifically for North America market. They are no doubt one of the best out there offering exceptional and reliable quality neon transformer. NeonPro is not just UL Listed but they are also an ISO certified company. These transformer are highly rated and they do not have mercury migration issue or jelly bean effects in which are common problems that will affect neon sign to misbehave.

Establish since 1984, Hansen specialises in developing and manufacture light sources, converters and other power supplies. However, neon products appear to be the starting point of this company. Almost all of the converters they make are all IP rated. Meaning that they are water and dust resistant.

1. The background pictures on your site on every signs, do they come together with it?

The diamond plated on the background of every images on our site is just for better visual purpose only. They do not come together with the sign. We want all of the images to look consistent and appealing at the same time.

2. What is your neon sign voltage? Do they meet the standards with my country?

For USA and Canada, they are all 120V. While European countries, they are 220V – 240V. Rest assure, we use power supply in accordance to your country. The power supply that we use for 120V is NeonPro, while 220V – 240V, is from Hansen.

3. What kind of background construction do you offer for your neon sign?

Currently we offer acrylic/plexiglass with Clear as standard and Black will charge an additional $25.00.

4. Do you make custom neon signs?

Yes, we accept custom made neon sign. Please send us the desirable photo and we will do a mock up of the neon sign for you.

5. Can I change the colors of the neon sign?

Yes! Any changes for neon colors is free of charge! Please visit our neon color page for more information.

6. Why is my neon sign color do not match when they turn on?

When the sign is turn on for the first time, the color will seem a bit off than other neon tubes. That is normal. Neon tubes need to burn in for a good 5-10 minutes for the colors to pop. 

7. How is your neon sign priced at?

At Neonstation, we charge the price according to 2 factors. Complexity and the size of the neon sign. Example, when there are more neon tubes are added, the bigger the sign becomes, thus the higher the price. As for custom neon sign, the price will also determine by the complexity and the size of the sign.

8. What kind of neon tube are you using?

We use 10mm thick neon tube to make all of our neon sign. Since our sign are limited to a maximum size of 3ft, we won’t be using neon tube thicker than 10mm unless specific request by our customer.

9. Why is your neon sign is different from the design you created on your website?

Neon sign is a handmade item, they are not cut out with machine. The final product will be a slight difference from the design on our website. No two same design neon sign are alike. Same goes with twins. Watch how we make our neon sign here.


1. How much does it cost to ship my order(s)?

We offer free shipping to US and Canada only. Other than the country specified, we charge an additional price. Please contact us for further information if you are unable to check out on our site.

2. How do I change the address on my order?

We will only be able to update the shipping address on an order so long as the order has not yet shipped. Please contact us immediately so we can attempt to adjust the order in time.

3. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship our products worldwide.

Order status, returns and warranty

1. When do I get my items?

Our neon sign will only put into production after payments are made unless we had them in stock. Producing the neon signs(5-7 business days) + shipping(6-10 days) to your destination will take up to 3 weeks time.

2. What if my order arrived damaged?

We ensure the safe arrival of the sign by diligent packaging. 2 layers of protection – We put soft foam all around the neon sign and double box them. These all around protection is to prevent from any bumping or jarring during delivery process. We understand that neon glass are extremely fragile so we do not take any chances. Hence, we are very careful with the packaging process. However, if you are the unlucky ones where you receive damage neon sign from us, we offer you 100% money-back guarantee on our neon signs.

3. How can I return my order?

Most of the cases, we do not take return because it means that the neon sign is damage. Furthermore our top priorities is to ensure our customers satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we either issue full refund, return order or resend the ordered neon sign. For return item, they need to be send within 30 days upon receipt and buyers are responsible for returning shipping fee. You can return them via your local standard shipping courier.

4. Do your signs have warranty?

Yes, we do offer protection for all our signs we make. We will provide replacement parts for any defects or broken neon tube glass for free to our customers. Warranty against neon tube glass is only limited to 1 year of the date of purchase.

We do not cover warranty for the power supply. Customers have to pay for new power supply if there is any defects. We will of course make sure the sign is in best condition before we send them out.


1. What payment types do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

Questions // Neonstation

Cancellation of Order by Neonstation

Please note that there are some orders that we are unable to accept and these will be cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel the order for any reason. For instance, there may be some foreseen circumstances that may obstruct delivery of the products you order, the quantity available for purchase may be limited, there may be errors in the pricing or product information, or there may be some limitations on the part of our credit department.

Cancellation by Customer

You can cancel your order at any time until it enters the shipping process. A cancellation fee of 10% will be applicable if your order has been confirmed by Neonstation.

If you return a product, for any reason, the refund will be sent to you within 4 weeks from shipping of the return (This would include processing by your credit card company or bank, inspection by Neonstation, and the time that return shipping would require.). You will receive the refund through the payment option you used to make payment and will receive an email containing your refund details.

If you have used an international credit card to make payment, Neonstation will not be responsible for any transaction charges on the refund issued. We will only refund the amount displayed in USD on our website. The time taken to process the refund could be up to 7 working days.

Defective or Damaged Products

Get in touch with us within 7 days for a replacement, if any of the products ordered by you are delivered in a defective/damaged condition. The customer care team will take the request for exchange or refund after validating it by checking the product type, timelines, etc.

We will issue a refund or provide a replacement after we inspect the item returned by you. Shipping fees will apply to the sender.

If you find the packaging to be damaged or tampered with, kindly do not accept delivery.


Perishable Items: We will attempt delivery only once in case of perishable items. In case it is not possible to deliver due to reasons such as incorrect address, unavailability of recipients, or refusal to accept delivery by intended recipients, we will still charge you for the order. No cancellation or refund shall be provided for perishable items.

Non-Perishable Items: Our logistic partners will attempt to contact you if it is not possible to deliver the items due to reasons such as incorrect address, unavailability of recipients, or refusal to accept delivery by intended recipients. If case the product remains undelivered, it will be returned to our head office and you will be informed. We will hold the products for 7 days, within which you could ask for redelivery at an alternative address for an additional delivery charge.