Daft Punk Neon Sign

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1993-2021. Long Live Daft Punk Music.

Being always low profile and secrecy, the legendary band has always putting their music precedence over their image. The band that produces excellent music for every each of their albums, from Homework, Discovery, Alive 1997 all the way to RAM(Random Access Memories), all are exceptional works that has such deep connection with each albums. Hopefully they will be a touring around 2017.
Alive 1997 – Alive 2007 – Alive 2017(maybe?)

Approximate Dimension: Please choose variants

Colors: Red, White

Construction: Please choose variants

Cord Length: 4 Feet

Condition: Brand New

Type: Indoor

Availability: Custom Made to Order – Ships in 5-7 Business Days

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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow


26" x 26", 36" x 36"

Background Materials

Black Acrylic (Dark Backdrop), Clear Acrylic

4 reviews for Daft Punk Neon Sign

  1. Regina Lambert


    “Bought a red one exactly the date they break up as a tribute.”

  2. Paul Sucharekk


    “A big fan of Daft Punk, still gonna purchase this neon sign to be hang on my room. Though they disband on 22th February 2021, a 28 years of excellence music, I will continue to support and listen to their music. Love from USA🇺🇸”

  3. Jon

    These Robot Rock

    “Is such a sad news to see they leave this industry. I always have goosebumps listening to Touch, Horizon, Human After All, Alive, Around the World, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Aerodynamic and One More Time. Really wish they will make one last live convert…”

  4. neonstation7

    please someone revive the robots

    “whyyyyyyy the fuck would they suddenly break up? aren’t they suppose to come out with another album or concert to say goodbye at least?”

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